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Beating The System

Seeing as I’m talking about gambling,I thought I would start with an example of how not to gamble.So this is a story–story from a few years ago.And as you can probably notice, there’stwo large flaws with this lady’s strategy.The first is it’s completely illegal.And the second is it clearly doesn’t work.And the reason I wanted to show youthis is I think when we talk about peopletaming chance and beating the system,typically these are two themes that crop up quite a lot.You either have them doing something a bit dodgy.Or you have them presenting a systemwhich clearly isn’t going to do something very successful.And what I want to do this eveningis take a look at a third approach.Take a look at some of the ways in which mathematiciansor scientists have taken on games of chanceand used their techniques to get an edge over the house. Read more about approaches to game at CasinoSlots.

I also want to look at how the ideas have flowedthe other way, how actually games and gambling haveinspired many ideas which are nowfundamental to modern maths and science.And really lotteries, I think, are a good placeto start, because for me, it was a story about lotteriesthat first got me interested in the mathematics of betting.As I’m sure any of you who’ve played the lotteryor have thought about playing lottery will knowit’s incredibly difficult to win.But actually, even the way we measurehow difficult it is to win is a fairly recent development.Although maths is– has been around for millennia.The idea of how we quantify luck,how we quantify random events, is a relatively recent one.It was one that was developed in the 16th century.And it was actually in Veneto, Italy.There was a Italian called Gerolamo Cardano.He was a physician.As a doctor, he was the first to describe the clinical symptomsof typhoid.He was also a gambler.And as a gambler, he was the first to describe such gamesmathematically.And he actually outlined what’s known as a sample space.So this is the–all of the combinations of events that could occur.And obviously, if you’re only interested in one of those,that gives you a sense of how difficult it is to win.Now for the UK National Lottery as it stands,you have to pick six numbers from a possible set of 59.

So this results in just over 45 million possible combinationsof you– of numbers you could pick if you bought a card.Clearly this makes life very difficultfor you to win the jackpot.But there is a way that you can guarantee you willwin the lottery this weekend.And that is quite simply to buy up every single combinationof numbers.Now that might sound a little bit absurd.But let’s just run with it for a moment.As I said, there’s 45 million combinationsof tickets for the UK lottery.So if you were to buy up every single possible combinationand line them up end-to-end, it would actuallystretch from London to Dubai.What’s more, each ticket cost 2 pounds.So if you really want to win the jackpot this weekend,it’s going to cost about 90 million pounds to achieve.Clearly that’s not a feasible strategy.But not all lotteries are the same.