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Decorating Ideas for Your Child’s Room

Neutral and Serene, Bright and Cheerful or Wild and Dramatic it’s up to you and your child. It can easily be changed as your child grows if you plan it with the future in mind.

Basic things to keep in mind are, safety – for example in a nursery keep the crib away from windows so your child cannot fall out of or into the window. Also, wall d├ęcor should be out of reach of infants and toddlers. Tall chests of drawers can be tippy if the child should crawl into a drawer. It might be necessary to anchor such heavy items to the wall. And, of course, electrical cords should be kept out of sight/reach of a young child and outlets covered with safeguards.

Another important consideration for children’s bedrooms is storage. A baby’s room needs an area suitable for storing diapers, wipes, onesies, and the million other items that are necessary for a baby’s care. A toddler should have a place to store toys and more toys, while a teen needs space for clothes, books, music, etc. A wooden chest, for example can serve as a toy box, shoe storage, or even a clothes hamper just use your imagination.

Some other pieces of furniture that could take your child from birth to adolescence and beyond are: a crib that can be turned into a youth bed, a chest of drawers, a bookcase that can either be used to store stuffed animals or books, a desk for coloring or homework. A basic lamp can be given a different look just by changing the shade. If two or more children will be sharing a room, or if you want room for sleep overs, a trundle bed or bunk beds might be a good investment.

As far as decorating walls, floors and windows there are limitless choices available. Start by picking a favorite color and check out the many variations of it at a paint or wallpaper store. Or, if you have a rug or bed covering that you want to work with, take your color scheme from them.

Another art idea that is popular is to simply pick a theme, for example: Winnie The Pooh for young children or music or sports for teens. You’ll be surprised at the options available for almost any theme you can come up with. Get creative with inexpensive items such as posters, scatter rugs, pillows, etc. Try to keep walls, floors and furniture practical and easy to care for. Good sturdy furniture may be used for the child’s lifetime, or handed down to siblings. The important thing is to have an area that is comfortable and safe but also reflects your child’s personality.