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Palm Tree Decor

Consider Palm Tree Decor when you want to add style and beauty to your home.

Have you noticed that when you take a tropical vacation you immediately feel as if you have arrived home? Personally, I love the feeling I get when I’m met by that first blast of heat and humidity as I step off the plane. There is something about the atmosphere, the warmth, the palm trees, the flowers, the beach and the ocean that seems so familiar. Perhaps more than another vacation destination most of us prefer the tropics. After all, who wouldn’t want to live on a Caribbean island or in Hawaii?

Wherever you live though, Tropical Decor in your home could be the answer if you want to enjoy the feel of the tropics year round. It can help to make a room or a home into a lovely oasis. The wonderful thing about this type of decor is that it can be found in an almost infinite variety of home decor items.

Art prints, posters or  photographs are a good start to add that desired tropical look to any room. Art easily provides a basis upon which to build and add to your overall theme.

Here are just a few suggestions incorporating Palm Tree Decor:

In the bedroom:

-comforters, bedspreads and pillow cases

-fabrics to cover chairs or curtains

-wall paper and wall murals

In the bathroom:

-shower curtains, towels and bath mats

-ceramic toothbrush holders and ceramic tiles

-electrical outlet covers

In the kitchen and dining room:

-ceramic tiles

-plates and dishes,

-tablecloths and glassware


In the living room:

-sofa covers and cushions

-wall screens


-artificial and real palm trees

-rugs and drapes

Things to consider before starting your Tropical Decor project.

Decide on the room or rooms you would like to decorate

Decide on a budget

Research the huge variety Palm Tree Decor items that are available and make a list of the ones you would like to use

Plan your project out on paper so that you have a general idea of where everything is going and the overall look

Don’t forget that sometimes less is more, don’t go overboard. Often a few tasteful pieces can give you the desired look.

If you have an outside area, a garden, a patio, a balcony or a verandah consider expanding your  Decor outside as well. We have several suggestions for outside accessories and if you are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool, then you can really go to town and create a truly tropical look.

One suggestion for a patio or garden is a tiki hut bar with a Palm Tree leaf roof. You can buy or build either a whole hut or just a partial tiki hut connected to a patio or outside wall. Tiki huts are great fun and provide a nice relaxing place for your guests to sit and chat. Palm Tree motif neon signs and bar signs are easy to find. These will complement your efforts, the only problem could be that you might have difficulty convincing your guests to go home.