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Shatter Me Book Review

Okay, so, I feel like I should be unflinchingly honest upfront and say that

a) I did not love this book (and in fact often wanted to throw it across the room) and

b) this book review will be full of contradictory comments, because while overall I was unimpressed, I did love what the bare bones of the story and writing were if you stripped it down to them. Is that clear as mud? Excellent, let’s dive right in!

Shatter Me is the story of a girl named Juliette who has not touched another human being in almost a year. She is in solitary confinement, until one day, another prisoner joins her in her cell. She’s connected to this boy, Adam, in more ways than one, and things are never as simple as they seem. Joining their stories together, inside the prison and out, is Warner. He is a sort of ruler of a section of the devastated place the world has become, and it soon becomes clear that he is more than just a token bad guy.

I read the first half of Shatter Me when there was a promo day on Facebook. After devouring those chapters, I anxiously awaited release date so I could race through the second half of the story. However, when I finally had the book in my hands, I found that it wasn’t quite as wonderful as I had initially thought. I decided to re-read after I got through Destroy Me and Unravel Me (we’ll be talking about them later this week!) so that I had the story fresh in my mind and I could adequately discuss it here now.

Juliette is in many ways withdrawn, but has this fire inside of her that keeps you waiting for her next act of strength. Having been so cut off from an already crumbling civilisation, it would be so easy to lose one’s humanity, but she clings to the concept of right vs. wrong; she devours words and also produces them, scribbling them in her notebook that in a way is her anchor to some semblance of sanity.

I think we all feel connections with different characters for varying reasons, but Juliette’s love of words is what tied me to her.