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What tech skills do recruiters want to see in your resume

Recruiters are required to read through numerous resumes on a daily basis. As such, their own recourse is to make snap judgments within a couple of minutes after they receive a new resume.

So, what tech skills do recruiters want to see on your resume?

Consider the following:

  1. Coding

As an IT professional, you need to be able to show that you are good at writing code. Therefore, if you are applying for a programming position, potential employers will find out if you can code in a couple of languages since most systems are built with more than one language.

Coding requires great proficiency with coding languages. It also requires problem-solving, logical thinking, deep understanding of different information systems, and the integration of different technologies.

Even if the job didn’t specify coding, you should always mention that you are good at writing code and include the language you are adept at.

  1. Communication

Communication skills are vital in the modern job market. Whether you are applying for a position as an intern in an IT firm or you wish to get a job as an IT professional, you are going to end up working across different groups and teams.

This is because the nature of the IT profession is such that one of your roles will be to come up with tech solutions for other people in the team that might not necessarily have your skills.

Therefore, ensure that you demonstrate your leadership skills, show that you can easily present reports and ideas to larger groups, and highlight the fact that you are good at building teams, fostering teamwork, and spearheading collaboration.

  1. Networking

A good knowledge of network is another one of the tech skills recruiters want to see on your resume. Knowledge networking and sharing, although they might be extensions of excellent communication skills, shows that you can gather the right people for the right jobs to come up with a broad system of knowledge for your employer.

Some IT jobs include system administrators, engineers, and network architects. If you are applying for any of these jobs, therefore, it is imperative that you show your networking skills in your CV.

  1. Time Management 

As an IT professional, you will need to be self-motivated and self-directed. All of these will require excellent time management skills. After all, most technological projects end up taking longer than expected – which is clear on account of how often milestones and timelines tend to change over the course of any long project.

To this end, make sure that you show that you can accurately assess the time required to complete a project. In the same way, talk about how you can stick to timelines over the long haul.


Over and above everything else, understanding what tech skills recruiters want to see in your resume will go a long way in helping you tailor the document so that these skills are properly highlighted and explained.

As the world continues evolving around technology, the need for IT professionals is on the upward scale. Almost all successful businesses today ask for their new employees to have some IT skills. By adding any or all of the skills above to your resume, you will raise your chances of getting an interview and landing your dream job.